A Revival Of Love

1 Corinthians 13:1-14:12
Paul’s teaching seems so unrealistic.
Life isn’t like this, people aren’t like this, the Church isn’t like this - and we’re all the poorer for it!
We speak about revival. We hope for it. We pray for it. What we need most of all is a revival of love.
This is not a return to ‘the good old days’. This is for here and now. We can make a great deal of a ‘revival’ which took place a good many years ago. It is in today’s world that we are called to show love.
Differences of opinion become deeply-held prejudices. It’s all going on in the Name of Christ! Our reverence for yesterday’s religious leaders will mean nothing - if there is no love.
Some things should have been ‘dead and buried’ a long time ago.
Keep the negative thinking going and we’ll be speaking to ourselves. Nobody will be listening (14:4,8)!

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