God Is Holy, He Calls His People To Be Holy.

1 Samuel 5:1-6:16
In 5:3-4, we read of God’s superiority over Dagon - ‘The Lord is the true God; He is the living God and the everlasting King’(Jeremiah 10:10). ‘The hand of the Lord was heavy’ on those who set themselves against Him (5:6-7,9,11). Let ‘the Lord alone be exalted’. He is our only ‘Saviour’(Isaiah 2:17-18; 43:10-11). Through His victory over Dagon, the Lord calls us to be completely devoted to Him: ‘Down went Dagon, smashed in pieces when the ark of God came in. So shall God destroy those idols that defile our hearts within. Come, Lord, and destroy them’. The return of the ark brought joy (6:13). When the Lord is restored to His rightful place among His people, there is joy. ‘Heaven came down and glory filled my soul’. When the Lord comes to us, we ‘rejoice with joy unspeakable and full of glory’(1 Peter 1:8).

1 Samuel 6:17-7:17
God is ‘holy’(20). He calls His people to be holy. With His call to holiness, there is His promise of blessing (3). Committed to serving the Lord only and calling on the Lord for His help, Israel wins a great victory over the Philistines (4-11). God’s people give thanks to Him - ‘Until now the Lord has helped us’(12). The victory over the Philistines was spectacular. There were, however, many ‘ordinary’ days. Here, we may learn from Samuel. He served the Lord ‘all the days of his life’(15). The spectacular triumphs were few and far between. The ‘ordinary’ days were many - ‘he went on a circuit year by year...’(16). In all his journeys, he did not forget to ‘come home’(7:17). Other places and other people seem to be so interesting. Don’t forget - There is much work to be done at ‘home’.
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