‘He Drew Me And I Followed On, Charmed To Confess The Voice Divine.’

Matthew 8:23-9:17
In 8:23-9:8, we read of three great miracles, in which Christ demonstrates His power over nature (23), demons (28-34) and sickness (1-8). Following such mighty works of power, the next verse seems so ordinary - Jesus said, ‘Follow me’. Matthew ‘rose and followed Him’(9). Matthew’s conversion may seem so unspectacular, but it is no less a mighty work of God than the great miracles which preceded it. Where does the desire to follow Christ come from? Does it come from our own sinful hearts? No! It comes from the Word of Christ, spoken in power and love - ‘He drew me and I followed on, charmed to confess the Voice Divine’(Mission Praise, 499). In the human heart there is resistance - we say, ‘I am “righteous”. “I have no need”of a Saviour’(12-13). This resistance is broken down by Christ when ‘new wine is put into fresh wineskins’(17).
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