Jesus, Our Faithful Saviour, Gave Himself In Death For Us

Matthew 14:1-14
John the Baptist was ‘arrested’ and ‘put in prison’(3). Shortly after this, he was ‘beheaded’(10). John was a faithful man. He was ‘faithful unto death’(Revelation 2:10). His death arose directly from his faithfulness to God. He died as a ‘martyr’. Following the death of John, news came to Jesus, who was to die as our Saviour. How did Jesus react to this news?- First, ‘he withdrew... privately to a solitary place (13). Then, having renewed His strength in the presence of His Father (Isaiah 40:31), He stepped out again into the sphere of public ministry. He continued on His way - the way that would lead Him to the Cross. What are we to learn from John, the faithful martyr, and Jesus, the faithful Saviour, who gave Himself in death for us? We are to be faithful to God. If suffering lies ahead of us, He will make us strong.
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