Jesus’ Teaching Regarding Marriage Has Perfect Balance..

Matthew 19:3-30 
Even though ‘large crowds followed Him’, still ‘the Pharisees’ opposed Jesus (2-3). Jesus’ teaching regarding marriage has perfect balance. Marriage is God’s purpose for ‘male and female’(4-5). ‘Others have renounced marriage because of the kingdom of heaven’(12). There is no compulsion in these matters. Each one must seek God’s will. Celibacy should not be viewed with suspicion. This way can also be chosen for the sake of the Kingdom of heaven. It must not be suggested that celibacy is the only truly ‘spiritual’ way. Jesus calls for humility (14, 30). What we cannot do for ourselves, God does for us (23-26). The Gospel humbles us and exalts God. Before we can be exalted by God and with Him, we must be humbled by God and before Him. ‘Eternal life’(16) begins when, conscious of our sin - ‘Who then can be saved?’(25) - we look to Christ alone for salvation. 
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