The Uniqueness Of Christ (4)

This wonderful Story - the eternal Word, the Word become flesh, the Suffering Servant, the glorified Lord - is the great fulfilment of the prophecies of Isaiah. The ‘Mighty God’ has become ‘Emmanuel (God with us)’. ‘He makes himself an offering for sin; and ‘He shall see His offspring … the fruit of the travail of His soul’ (9:6; 7:14; 53:10-11). This is the Story of our salvation, the Story of Jesus Christ, the ‘Mighty God’ who became ‘God with us’. For our salvation, we need both - the ‘Mighty God’ and ‘God with us’. Apart from ‘God with us’, the ‘Mighty God’ might seem remote, great in power yet detached from us. Apart from the ‘Mighty God’, ‘God with us’ might seem too homely, too much like a ‘god’ created in our own image. Jesus Christ is our Saviour. He is the ‘Mighty God’. We know that He is able to save. He has become ‘God with us’. We know that He is willing to save.

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