Let Us Dedicate Ourselves To The Lord Today.

Some servants of the Lord complete their ministry without seeing their vision becoming a reality. This is what happened to David. He had the initial idea - ‘I had my heart set on building the Temple...’. He had begun thinking about how the Temple could be built - ‘I made preparations for building’. It was not to be - ‘God said to me, “You may not build a House for My Name”’. This was not, however, God’s last Word to David. There was also a Word of hope - ‘It is Solomon your son who shall build My House’ (1 Chronicles 28:2-3,6). Solomon was ‘young and inexperienced’. He was taking on a huge task. He needed God’s Word of encouragement - ‘...the Lord God is with you...’. He needed the support of the people - ‘all the people will be wholly at your command’. Let us ‘dedicate ourselves to the Lord today’ (1 Chronicles 28:20-29:1,5).
This post is taken from my notes on 1 chronicles.

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