Jesus At The Home of Martha And Mary

Jesus had a meal at the home of Martha and Mary. We can compare this meal to the Lord's Supper. Martha concentrated on the meal. Mary concentrated on the Lord. In the Lord's Supper, we have bread and wine. That's not all that we have. There's more than bread and wine. There's Jesus. Jesus came to the home of Martha and Mary. In Mary, we see what it means to come to the Lord. We are to come to Him with a deep desire to be near to Him. The Lord has come to us. Let us come to Him. Let us come to Him with humility, confessing that we have sinned against Him. Let us come to Him with thanksgiving, rejoicing that that our Lord Jesus Christ has borne our sins so that we might receive His salvation. Let us come to Him with a hungry heart, longing that we may be fed by Him. Let us come with dedication, committing our lives to the Lord that we might live as His disciples. Let us come to Him with praise, giving glory to the Lord for all that he has done for us. Let us do "the one thing needful": Come to Jesus Come to Him with humility, with thanksgiving, with a hungry heart, with dedication, with praise.


Galen and Jodie said...

As missionarys we appreciate those that will share the Word with boldness!! Bless you...
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charlescameron said...

Thanks, Galen and Jodie, for your words of appreciation and encouragement.
May the Lord bless you both and make you a blessing to many.