When Deep Inside Somethings Wrong

We occasionally encounter those days that affect us. They affect our happiness, our personalities, our character and some times others around us. Depression is occasionally a part of life, unfortunately. However when misery and unhappiness becomes a daily routine, somethings wrong, drastically wrong. Many times within this we easily blame others for our unhappiness or we adapt that if only I could, or if only life was attitude.

The truth is that there is something wrong and that something is found deep inside of us. Yes, we can blame others and take on that pity party attitude. We can apply that but if only mindset, however the truth is that we need to look within us, deep within us, because somethings missing. You see, we were not created to live a life of sadness, misery and unhappiness. Life is not suppose to be ruled by these emotions and problems.

If you're dealing with daily misery and can't find happiness. Is it possible that what's truly missing is God in your life?

God can meet all your needs.
Blessings, in His Glorious Name Ministries Online

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