America Must Do Something

I must admit that I'm at a loss. We have NASA which accomplishes great things. We have technology that is flat out amazing. Our military is the most powerful well equipped military in the world. The world looks to America for many things and to help solve many problems. Yet, we can't safeguard our citizens and our children from drugs, gangs and the violence, death and destruction they cause.
In the blink of an eye, we can ship men off to war, prepare entire battle plans and engage an enemy with strategic force, yet we can't end illegal drugs. We are able to put satellites into orbit, but we can't end illegal drugs.
I just wonder why? Why can America accomplish such great things, however America can't stop the flow of illegal drugs into our country? I'm praying for a drug free America and for our children's future, free from drugs, gangs, violence, and the death and destruction they cause. America, wake up.

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