Balloon Saga Potential Hoax

I'm sure that you watch the balloon that came loose and everyone thought that a boy was inside of it. The ordeal was shown on nationwide television a few weeks ago as the balloon traveled some 20 plus miles at 3,000 plus feet high. It was quite a sight to see on television, especially with the potential that a small young boy might have been in the balloon.
Well according to recent news reports online, apparently the whole situation may have been a hoax right from take off. Apparently the mother of the 6 year old boy that once feared that the boy was missing inside a runaway helium balloon admitted the whole saga was a hoax according to the article.
It just goes to show you the emotional power of nationwide television because as this odeal was first shown on television millions around the country and possibly the world were convinced that a young boy was in that balloon. For me, regardless of what was, I'm just glad that he wasn't indeed in that balloon. Hats off to all the local authorities that chased that balloon down and brought it safely back to earth the whole time having great concern that a boy might be in the helium balloon. They are the true hero's.

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