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See into one man's theology turned rightside up by the love of Christ. A pastor, born again in the pulpit, encounters the world and the church in the light of the gospel — and everything changed.

Crisis of ...

What? The American economy? The Stock Market? Eight years of Bush policies? How about a hundred years of liberal indoctrination!

If we can't see the right problem or see the problem rightly, we cannot find the right solution. If we don't understand the disease, we cannot prescribe a medication. Apart from a proper diagnosis, doing something may be worse than doing nothing. America is in serious denial of her real situation. Seeing the problem, putting the problem in the correct context, is everything.

What Can We Do?

The first thing to do is to see the problem in its proper context, its historical context, its cultural context. That is what these books are about, helping people see the problem from a biblical perspective. However, unrepentant sinners do not want to see what the Bible is trying to show us because the perspective of the Bible threatens them — and rightly so. For the past hundred years or so unrepentant sinners have had increasing control of American public education, media and even religious institutions. People have been steeped in godlessness for so long that they no longer even realize it. These books provide insight and instruction intended to repair the breaches.

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