A CBM Press Release, Completely Whole, a Amazing Interactive Christian Book by Paulette Harper Johnson

A CBM Press Release
June 20th, 2012

Author Paulette Harper Johnson's book release Completely Whole

Minister, life coach, enthusiastic speaker and multi-published author, Paulette Harper Johnson, releases her new book, "Completely Whole." Written for those that desire "wholeness" through Jesus Christ in their life, this is a resource filled guidebook that will encourage and inspire readers to find freedom through Christ. Giving a "clear-cut, Biblical blueprint" the author gives practical applications that will enlighten, uplift and inspire. This book will give you the confidence and hope to continue on the path God intended for you. The author has written this book with compassion so that all may come to the saving grace and victorious life that Christ provided.

This amazing interactive book will be one that the reader can use to diffuse issues or concerns that cause blockages in their growth with Christ. No one is without trauma or tragedies in life; the author has written with candor about issues that face those in today's society and what we can do to address those concerns in a Biblical fashion. By recognizing the power of prayer as one of our greatest privileges and strengths, the author, encourages readers with powerful prayers at the end of each chapter that infuse the lessons learned throughout, giving a personal and real connection to God for the reader.

Paulette Harper Johnson is a pastor's wife, grandmother, Bible teacher, radio host, author, speaker, mentor and life coach. She has been encouraging and mentoring women through seminars, Bible teachings, conferences and ministry for many years. Her passion is to see women come into their full potential with God using their talents passionately and finding their purpose in life. She has a unique combination of giftings of compassion and writing, but also encouraging and edifying those she speaks to. She is committed to professionalism and speaking uplifting and encouraging messages.

You can find out more about Author Paulette Harper Johnson at her website www.pauletteharper.com. Her books are also available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and at other fine online bookstores.

Christian Author Larry Adams - Faith - Out On A Limb

Out On A Limb by Author Larry Adams

Paperback: 24 pages
Publisher: Larry Adams (April 19, 2012)
ISBN-10: 0985346019
ISBN-13: 978-0985346010

Out On A Limb is a book about faith and what it takes to walk in faith. Faith is powerful when put into motion. It can move mountains, feed the multitudes, raise the dead, give sight to the blind, heal the sick and set the captives free. The Bible is filled with faith and faith-filled scriptures that give us a glimpse into the Christian faith and the power of faith in action.

Just imagine if we all as Christian's come to the knowledge, the understanding of the faith that Jesus called the Apostles to walk in. Symbolically, could we walk on water as Jesus did, could we overcome giants as David did, could we be that very light that shines in the world as we are called to be? The possibilities are endless.

In Larry's book Out On A Limb, What does it take to walk by faith, you will be encouraged, blessed, refreshed and your faith will be increased. To walk by faith is a learning process, however, once put into motion, that learning process becomes life- changing.

Out On A Limb by Larry Adams is available on Amazon and at Barnes and Noble. Get your copy today and learn how you too can put faith into action and overcome the situations of life that are before you.

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Uplifting, Filled with Scripture and A Message of Encouragement - A Love Story by Samantha Ryan Chandler

Title: A Love Story
How God Pursed Me and Found Me-An Impossibly True Story
By: Samantha Ryan Chandler
ISBN # 978-1-6150-7758-8 (sc)
978-1-6150-7761-8 (dj)
Review Date: June 3, 2012
Reviewed by CBM Christian Book Marketing
10.0 stars on a scale of 10.0 stars

"A Love Story-How God Pursed Me and Found Me-An Impossibly True Story" by Samantha Ryan Chandler is an inspiring life memoir and an account of the tribulation known as divorce that forever changed the author's life and the lives of her children. Samantha Ryan Chandler gives a heart-wrenching account of an evil plan perpetrated by her husband to rob her of everything, their homes, money, and stability to include her three precious daughters. The author writes with purpose, giving the reader many life lessons that she learned throughout all her trials. Most importantly, she learned that God can rescue, is might to save and He can RESTORE that which was lost.

God speaks in many ways as the author notes and the supernatural does occur as the author gives accounts of visitations by angels on three different occasions. The book is uplifting, filled with scripture and has a message of encouragement to all who have been stolen from whether it be from divorce or any unfortunate circumstance in life. Her message is so uplifting, so encouraging, that the reader will be amazed and in awe as to how God is intimately involved in each of our lives. Truly, God will carry you through to restoration and redemption!

This book is recommended for anyone that loves a true story with a happy ending! May all the glory and honor be to God-who came and rescued a young, skinny girl from Nowhere, Louisiana and gave her life and life more abundantly! This is a testament to the Love of God and an irresistible love story to those that are lost. Thank you Samantha for writing a book that shared your life story that gives others hope when "hope" has been lost. You are an inspiration.

For more information about the author and her book, visit Samantha Ryan Chandler

A Love Story-How God Pursed Me and Found Me-An Impossibly True Story is available at Amazon in hardcover, paperback or Kindle

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Christian Author Anita Estes Book Releases

Letters to God on a Prodigal Son-Overcoming Addiction Through Prayer is a faith-filled journey of one woman's heartache and the triumphant redemption of her Prodigal Son fighting addiction. This powerful book is written to give witness to the transforming power of faith and prayer. Many will be inspired and empowered as they watch God work and transform lives. This true story will touch your heart and give you the faith to keep holding on and to never let go. This book is truly a triumphant and amazing testimony to the saving power of God and the absolute power of prayer and a testimony to a mother's tenacity. Learn how to proclaim the Word of God over your children and watch it come to pass!

 is a best selling author, teacher and mother. Her heart-wrenching trial and journey through the battle of her adult son's addiction are recorded in this book as an easy to read journal entries. Watch her faith rise, being transformed from glory to glory, as she shares her mother's heart in "Letters to God." An awe-inspiring story and a remarkable testimony to the transforming power found in God through prayer. Truly God is Mighty to save. This is a must read book. Pick up a copy for yourself and a friend.

Transformed--Inspiring Stories of Freedom is a powerful collection of stories from men who were released from the bondage of addiction through a dynamic program at Transformation Life Center, but the power that changed these men is available to all. Read about the amazing transformations of men who were in gangs, caught up in the drug world, imprisoned, homeless, hopelessly addicted, about to commit suicide...all delivered by the power of God! This collection of over twenty-five stories will bring hope to those affected by drug or alcohol addiction.

When God Speaks is loaded with nuggets of wisdom that Anita Estes shares in her inspirational stories, prayers, application and evening meditation. As you reflect on these powerful verses you will be challenged and equipped to implement them into your daily life. God has given you everything you need for spiritual victory, but you must take the first step.

When God Speaks is ideal for a Lenten or Advent devotional and will prepare you for the celebration of these spiritual seasons as well as for having victory in everyday life.

For more information about the author and her books visit Anita Estes Amazon page or Anita's Estes blog for refreshing and some great ministry.

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Journey Through The Pages of Time in this fast-paced fiction novel - The Day the World Retreated by Jim Armstrong

Title: The Day the World Retreated
By: Jim Armstrong
ISBN # 978-1-4675-1053-0
Review Date: May 31, 2012
Reviewed by: CBM Christian Book Reviews
9.8 stars on a scale of 10.0 stars

"The Day the World Retreated" by author Jim Armstrong is an inspiring and challenging fiction novel filled with raw reality, intrigue, and time travel that combines a powerful message that is as relevant today as in times past. As the author states, "This book is written for all those frustrated looking for hope in all the wrong places." This fast-paced fiction novel has a surprise ending and twists throughout, leaving the reader to ponder reality. The author has planted seed that describes the unmerited grace of God. Despite the futility of life, there is hope, because as the author writes, "Life is a gift …". And life is a gift that is not to be wasted.

Journey through the pages as the author takes the reader into time's past and the future in America. Filled with science fiction, time travel and a 2016 futuristic view, this novel is packed with descriptive imagery that takes the reader through the travels and lives of several interesting key characters. You will find yourself wanting to get back to the novel, wondering what is happening to each main character. This fiction novel is a page-turner, filled with intrigue and wonder as the author ingeniously weaves the lives of each person together into an intricate connection.

One will ponder the deeper meaning of life, their purpose and the world upon reading this fiction thriller novel. The book draws the reader into each reality of each character with the author's keen use of word plays and dialogue that sets the tone for each chapter. Each chapter unfolds as if the reader were there. If you enjoy fiction novels that keep you involved with characters that have science fiction, tech talk and time travel, you will enjoy this book.

The message within the pages is life changing. This book will leave you with the thought that happiness is not derived from external circumstances and is quite amazing in that it takes the attitudes of worldliness, exposing that the accumulation of wealth in our materialistic society cannot buy inner happiness; rather the author seems inclined to elaborate and peel away at the philosophy of the American life of "get more and do more" as a great lie that all of humanity has bought into, therefore, exposing the futility of life and living in selfishness that many in our modern day society participate in. This book is quite a wake-up call.

This thought provoking novel is highly recommended to those that wish to reach the secular community or for those that are not really walking with God, but desire something better. An amazing story that will leave an imprint on your soul and a longing for a better understanding of what that hope and faith is.

For more information about Author Jim Armstrong and the book visit The Day The World Retreated. You may also get your copy of the book at Jim Armstrong The Day The World Retreated at Amazon.

9.8 stars on a scale of 10.0 stars
Reviewed by: CBM Christian Book Reviews