A Highly Recommended Read - Every Hill and Mountain (Time and Again) Volume 3

Christian Author Deborah Heal
Every Hill and Mountain (Time and Again) Volume 3, from multi-published author Deborah Heal is a compelling young adult fiction novel embracing many life themes common to young adults, giving young readers an understanding for the need of redemption through Jesus Christ.  With a yearning for adventure and intrigue, Deborah Heal, takes readers back in time through a software invention named Beautiful House.  Abby, an adventurous college student has discovered a wonderful, but dangerous invention that enables her to fast forward, or rewind, other's lives, but not her own of course.  Even though this discovery can be a blessing, within the wrong hands, it could become a curse. 

Ensuing a newfound love with her beau, John Roberts, Abby is joined by best friend, Kate and fiancé Ryan.  All set off on an unforgettable summer adventure together where there is no turning back.  Traveling through time, their journey winds into many discoveries - some good, some bad.  By now, readers will be fully engaged as they travel through time.  Deborah Heal presents to readers a delightful twist to her series trilogy that is challenging, thought-provoking and entertaining, ultimately pointing all to the forgiveness, unending love and redemption offered through salvation in Jesus Christ. 

Filled with endless intrigue and layers of mini-plots embedded within the story, this novel intertwines history and the time period of the civil war, giving insight into such issues such as slavery and the workings of the underground railroads during the civil war make this journey of Abby's an educational read. 

The plot thickens as Abby's best friend Kate comes to visit with her fiancé Ryan whose ulterior motives are later to be revealed.  Abby is determined to find the missing link to her family tree as she unravels the history behind Kates's ancestor, Ned Greenfield.  History is always repeated, but one can learn great lessons from past mistakes. 

A highly recommended read for those that desire to be entertained with true-life romance intertwined with time travel and a loving story of redemption – that one day all things will indeed be made new through Jesus Christ!
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