Christian author D.A. Winstead's Dragon Bones: Two Angels Leave At Sunrise - a must read

Title: Dragon Bones: Two Angels Leave At Sunrise
By: D.A. Winstead
Review Date: September 9, 2013
A Christian Book Review
10.0 out of 10.0 Stars

Dragon Bones: Two Angels Leave at Sunrise by D.A. Winstead tells the tale of rich Balkan lore, religiosity, death, fear, intrigue, wandering souls and guilt through the lives of fictional characters, namely Jules Bailey and a handsome young Catholic priest she has teamed with to solve the mystery that has been well hidden by the Vatican for centuries.  Jules Bailey works for the U.S. embassy and has been sent on an assignment to unveil long kept secrets.  "No one can be trusted and the good one's are far and few in-between," is what Jules would say.  Her trustworthy friends are behind her, Nathan and Jen, but no one knows just how dark and far this well-kept secret reaches into their lives.

D.A. Winstead's writing style is fast-paced and is written for those that love mysteries, folk tales, religion and politics, all rolled into one grand adventure.  This book continues the personality of Jules Bailey from his previous novel, Wiggle Rooms, and takes the readers on a captivating Christian thrill ride that will keep readers wondering until the end.  Intense, sometimes humorous, you will find yourself entertained in this well-written fiction novel exhibiting faith and passion in a unique way.

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