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FaithWriters "Christian Books Blog Contest" Winner Dave Walker
The Little Reading Room by Dave Walker

At the last minute he dived to one side.The car swerved, attempting to keep Peter in its path and crush him under its wheels.

James' eyes were glued to the page.

With a screech and flurry of dust, it went out of control. It teetered on the edge of the cliff before plunging down the mountain, bursting into .......

"James! Come on. Everyone's waiting for you."

"Coming Mom."

...flames on its way. Peter breathed a sigh of relief. He was shaking from head to toe. Thank You, Lord. That was ...

"Come on, James. Aren't you finished yet?"

"Won't be long."

"Have you got a book in there?"

...a near thing, but You came through just in time, as You always do. As Peter scrambled back onto the road, he took stock of the situation. The people in the car almost certainly died in the flames. That just left those at the hideout in the city. He had to get.....

"James! My iPad is missing. Have you been at
Revelation Books again?"

"Faithwriters bookstore have good, wholesome
Christian e-books to download, Mom. And some that you won't find anywhere else. You said so yourself." Now where was I? Oh, yes

He had to get back as soon as possible before they shipped the children to another place. Lord, please send a guardian angel to give me a lift.
He had no sooner...

"But not to be read in the loo. Will you please come out. Jenny is wriggling around and trying to cross her legs at the same time. She's bursting."

"Just think, Mom, downloading from this site is helping spread the gospel world-wide. Aren't you glad I'm using it? And the site benefits upcoming
Christian writers. You are so clever to deal through Faithwriters." Back to my place..

.....finished his prayer when a truck appeared on the horizon. He waved it down and it ground to a halt beside him. "Need a lift, fella?" A burly truck driver leaned out of the cab....

"Stop trying to butter me up, James. You know that I think Faithwriters is the best place to buy
Christian books. And to sell them, too. Why do you think I sell my Christian e-book there? With over 400,000 hits a month, and advertised site-wide in at least four sites, what better place for a Christian author or reader? But GET OUT OF THERE!"

.. Wow, You sure sent a giant-sized angel, Lord. He looked up at the driver. "Yes, please. I'm in a hurry. There is a group of traffickers who are about to ship some children out of the .....

"James, please! I'm bursting! If you don't come out I'm going to wet my pants."

"O.K., Jenny, I'm coming."

"At last! What were you reading that you couldn't even put down to get off the loo? Now, please give me back my iPad"

"That's why I didn't want to come out, Mom. I knew you'd want your iPad, and then I couldn't finish my story."

"Well, you're right.. I do enjoy browsing Faithwriters Bookshop to see what books are there."

"How'd you find this great author?"

"He wrote an article on their website that I really liked, so I looked up his profile and found his list of books."

"Is that how you promote your book?"

"Yes. My profile as a
Christian writer is on Faithwriter's site for all to see, and lists any books that I've written. Plus they have something called Free Reads for Reviews, where someone can include my book amongst free e-books they download if they review it on Amazon and Faithwriters. What's more, if anyone wants a hard copy, the link is there to Amazon and"

"Cool! No wonder you keep telling us how good Faithwriters is. That's why I got your code and downloaded this amazing book. Can I finish it now?"

"James! Where are you going with my iPad? James! Come back here."

"Please, Mom. Peter has to catch the traffickers before they ship off the children. I can't leave him now."

"Oh, O.K. You can finish the story in your room. But remember, that iPad is mine. I want to browse through Faithwriters for my next e-book. And I'm changing my password!'


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