An Enlightening Read

Highly Recommended 

The Splitting of the Adam: It’s Time to Awaken by Don Felumee states that it is his, “. . . intention to thoroughly investigate the word of truth regarding the highly debated subject matter of the coming of the Lord.”  Further revealing an eye-opening book that sheds light on a multi-faceted approach of coming into spiritual maturity for the Bride of Christ and the truth that “the Bible interprets itself” as the author offers an understanding of need for an utter abandonment to Lord and a maturity of the Bride of Christ – as the harvest is first and foremost on the mind of the Lord. Pivotal and thought-provoking, the author provides insight into Scripture and a preparing the way of the Lord with many levels of teachings. Taking from the premise in Isaiah 28, - “. . . to whom shall he teach knowledge,” the author is revealing Biblical truth in such a fascinating way, giving readers unbelievable insights, as gems, dug out for your view, are put in plain sight. ~ Certainly an enlightening read ~ CBM Book Reviews!