God's Purpose For Creation

A Must Read 
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Why did God create the universe?  What is the purpose of life? What is your purpose in life?  Big Bang Theology postulates that the purpose of life is love. The Big Bang began God’s quest for love, seeking for a people who would be his people to love and who would love him. God’s challenge is to win our love; his challenge is made difficult when he created us with freewill.   God loves you. Do you accept his love?  Were you to accept and receive his love, you will find yourself immediately on the track of God’s will. God’s will is aligned with his purpose for creation. Our life finds its meaning in God’s purpose. Big Bang Theology can help you find God’s love and God’s will. Rebooting your faith to the Big Bang beginning may just be the restart perspective you need to see pass the traditional, institutional, religious, and cultural fog to meet God and find heaven.